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We are moving in 2018

NFK - Home Page

NFK - Home Page

We're moving in 2018

Since its launch in 2012 the New Forest Remembers portal has had over 70,000 people from around the world visit the site. To date over 400 articles have been added to the portal, covering a huge range of material from both wars thanks to the community helping to add layers of additional information to contemporary images and surviving archaeological sites. It has been a huge success thanks to the support of its community of users and we now want to take this project even further.
In January 2018 this site will close, but don’t fret as all the data currently on the New Forest Remembers portal will be safe and you can continue your experience and explore stories of the Forest’s past at New Forest Knowledge.
New Forest Knowledge
Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Funded Our Past, Our Future Landscape Partnership Scheme, we have gone back to the drawing board and expanded our aims and ambitions. New Forest Knowledge is an online portal that seeks to ensure that the New Forest’s unique cultural heritage is available to all. It provides access to information about the National Park held in local and national catalogues, databases, maps and repositories, and we are adding more every day.

As well as providing access to information, New Forest Knowledge is a community portal where individuals and groups of all abilities and interests can add their own research, articles and photographs to expand our New Forest story. All the articles from the New Forest Remembers portal have been added to the new site and are still linked to the person or group who uploaded them originally.

How to find us after the move
To find the New Forest Remembers information visit the new site at www.nfknowledge.org. The original New Forest Remembers web address (newforestheritage.org) will be re-directed to New Forest Remembers during 2018.
  • In the top menu select ‘Sources’ and then from the list of ‘Data Sources’ that appear select ‘New Forest Remembers’.

To continue being a user
If you are a registered user on the New Forest Remembers portal you can continue to be one on the New Forest Knowledge site. Here's a guide.
  • In the top menu select or hover over the ‘person icon’ and you will see the option to ‘Log In’.
  • On the Log In page select ‘Lost Password’ and when prompted enter your original email (the one you used to log in to the New Forest Remembers portal) and follow the steps.
If you need any help or assistance please contact us
Thank you and please help us continue to share and build the New Forest’s Heritage story.

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