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Use the map or search to discover hundreds of articles, photos, documents, films and audio recordings relating to the First and Second World War in the New Forest. Visit the Help and Tips section to discover how to get the most out of your visit.

Help and tips

Can we help?

Here we have put a few hints and tips, which will hopefully make your use of the site as enjoyable and easy as possible. If you have any questions not covered here or below please do not hesitate to contact the team

Searching the Database

Use the search bar in the column on the left of this page to start discovering. You can enter any keyword into the search and then refine the results using filters such as Location, Date and Content type

Archive Content

Our archive includes archive and modern images, scanned or photographed documents, written memories, audio memories, videos and archaeological sites. The idea is that all the material is geographically located making it easy to search what happened near you or just explore through keyword searches.

Keeping up to date with New Content

You can now keep up to date with new articles, photos and comments added to the site by subscribing to our RSS feed. On the left hand column you will see a little orange box next to ‘Key Features’. Clicking on the box allows you to subscribe to a feed which will let you know when material is added. If you add the feed to your favourites bar on your browser you can then click at any time and see what has been added to the site. Try it here

Add a comment

You can start contributing straight away, by registering and then adding comments to existing material. There is a comments box under every item on the site, just type the comment in the box and press 'submit'.

Your comment could help:

  • identify places, buildings and people
  • correct misinformation
  • give further information
  • answer questions
  • provide anecdotes or stories connected to the item
  • start a discussion


Most importantly it will help National Park residents, visitors and employees learn and understand more about our important heritage.

Add an item

Any registered user can add content. On every page of the website there is a 'Contribute' box in the top right hand corner. When you click on 'contribute an item' you are asked to sign in, or register if you haven't already done so. Then you are taken step-by-step through starting with a title and description, date, linking to a website which contains more information, and locating it on a simple map, followed by selecting the item to upload (from where it is stored on your computer, e.g. 'My Pictures').

Adding as much information as possible during the addition of content will help other users know what the item is, where it's from and what it's about; the more information you can provide, the more useful it is to everyone else. The details you add when you upload an item make it searchable through the search bar, ensuring that everyone can see and enjoy it.

Don’t worry if you can’t add all the information; this is where the community element and the ability to add comments helps build a complete picture.

Allowed File formats and sizes

The maximum size for an uploaded file is 2MB (2000KB)

The file types that can be uploaded are as follows

Image files  =  .jpg, .gif, .png

Document files  = .pdf

Audio and Video = If you have video or audio files the project team can upload this for you under your name.

.jpeg  and .pdf are standard formats and are likely to be the ones you use everyday. If not then there are numerous free software packages online that can convert files into different formats or you can contact the project team to find out more

Copyright & Permissions

When adding content we ask that you confirm to us that you have the right to upload the item to the site and you need to do this by confirming that you've read the Terms of Use especially the Copyright Guide. If you would like any advice or guidance on this, please contact the project team.

All content on the site must also be licensed under the terms of the Creative Archive Licence for educational and non-commercial purposes. Contributors are asked to agree to these terms in order to add their content.

For more information please read ‘terms of use

Community Rules

This website will work best when we all use it as a community and treat it as an education resource available to all. As such we request that all contributors and visitors ascribe to the following simple requests

1 . You agree that you shall not take any action to upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit content that:

(a) Infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party;

(b) Is known to you to be untruthful or inaccurate;

(c) Amounts to an actionable breach of confidence or an infringement of the rights of privacy of any third party;

(d) Is obscene or defamatory of any person

(e) Involves you in the impersonation any person, collective or entity without their consent

(f)  Falsely states or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with any person, collective  or entity; or

(g) Trivializes, sensationalizes or demeans either any person, subject or organisation associated with the Content

(h) Violates any law or regulation of England and Wales or is otherwise inappropriate.

2. You agree that you shall not remove any digital watermark, credit line or any other technical protection measure used in associated with the Content.

3. You agree that you shall not hack, interfere or remove Content held by the Authority.

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