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Our digital archive is only as good as the material it contains; Project staff and local volunteers have been working to catalogue existing information, unearth previously untold stories and build a complete picture of the New Forest during World War II, but we cannot complete it without your help

Building our archive

Potentially anybody has some piece of the jigsaw which together builds the story of the New Forest during World War II. Whether it is a comment on a photograph which has sparked a memory; or a photograph, story, letter, diary, drawing, postcard, recording (film or sound), poem or souvenir; all can add one more piece to the emerging picture.

Items that seem inconsequential to someone and may be forgotten, lost, thrown away, deleted, or accidentally damaged on a daily basis have the ability to be the missing link to the complete our knowledge about wartime activity in the Forest. As a result we are keen to cast our net far and wide so we encourage you to share this site with friends and family.

Adding items to our digital archive builds, enriches, strengthens and adds engaging personal detail to our knowledge of our local heritage and ensures its preservation for future generations.

It is likely to be a never ending task and there will never being a point when we have complete knowledge, but the more we add the closer we get.

Do you, or someone you know:

  • Remember the New Forest just before, during or shortly after the World War II?
  • Have any items, objects, artefacts or memorabilia?
  • Have any photographs, ID cards, ration books, log books, service cards, posters, tickets and tags, newspapers, supplements, recipe books and guides or any other documents from this period relating to the New Forest?

The archive we are compiling is purely digital, but we are also closely working with local and national museums so if you have any material you would like to share please contact us so we can share your story and suggest suitable depositaries.

How can I contribute?

In January 2018 this site will close, but don’t fret as all the data currently on the New Forest Remembers portal will be safe and you can continue your experience and explore stories of the Forest’s past at New Forest Knowledge.

New Forest Knowledge

As well as providing access to information, New Forest Knowledge is a community portal where individuals and groups of all abilities and interests can add their own research, articles and photographs to expand our New Forest story. All the articles from the New Forest Remembers portal have been added to the new site and are still linked to the person or group who uploaded them originally. For more details read the ‘We're moving in 2018’ article.



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